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What is the public’s opinion on renewables? Survey results on acceptance worldwide.

Global production of energy from renewable sources has grown over the last 25 years and the rapid expansion is leading to changes not only in the energy system. Public acceptance of renewable energies is fundamental to further increasing their share in the overall energy supply.

But what is the public’s opinion on renewables? The German Renewable Energies Agency evaluated selected surveys from major industrialized countries and compared the results in the context of energy and sociopolitical issues.  Opinions on Renewables – A look at polls in industrialized countries

Key figures of the background report

• In major industrialized countries of the Western World, renewables have a high degree of acceptance with approval ratings well above 80% in most cases.

• Expansion targets for renewable energies are also strongly supported. This applies to European Union member states, Japan and, depending on the costs, also to the US, Canada and Australia.

The reasons behind the high acceptance levels are the environmental benefits and perceived sustainability. The acceptance seems to be little influenced by the energy policy of the country and the expansion of renewable energies.  So countries with a relatively low level of development have a similarly high level of acceptance as countries with a high share of renewable electricity. 

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Surveys and polls: the-paris-climate-negotiations-survey-results/ Summary_of_Wave_12_findings_of_DECC_Public_Attitudes_Tracker.pdf support-for-further-expansion

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