Germany: A power plant in your neighborhood?

Germany: A power plant in your neighborhood?

[Survey of public opinion] Germans, who would accept a power plant close to their home.

According to a survey conducted by Kantar Emnid for the German Renewable Energies Agency among 1,016 respondents, 95 percent of the Germans support further expanding renewable energy. Almost two-thirds of the interviewees agree to renewable power plants close to their homes. The support increases further if respondents already had experience with such plants in their neighborhood. With solar farms it increases from 72 to 94%, with wind power from 57 to 69% and with biogas from 39 to 56%.

Approval of fossil-fired and nuclear power plants

The acceptance of fossil-fired and nuclear power plants is significantly lower. But even with fossil fuels, the number of advocates increases with the experience. For gas-fired power plants the acceptance increases from 20 to 50% and with coal from 5 to 14%. On the other hand, if the respondents had previous experience with nuclear power, the agreement decreases from 6 to 5%.

Why Germans support the Energiewende

The most important advantages of renewable energies are seen in their contribution to a secure future [:75%] and protection of the climate [:72%].

For the yearly representative survey, Kantar Emnid polled 1,016 people.
reasons for German energy transition, energiewende

According to a survey published by the German Renewable Energies Agency, 92% of German people support the energy transition [Energiewende], but not all for the same reason. The consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers asked 1.015 people why they support the Energiewende.

The nuclear power phase-out is the main motivation (43%) to support the fundamental reconstruction of Germany’s energy system. 27% of the respondents agree with the energy transition due to the scarcity of fossil fuel resources. The reduction of Carbon dioxide [CO2] emissions is the most important reason for 18% of the interviewees, because CO2 enters the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels and has the strongest impact on climate change.

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