Klimaprotest vs. Klimapaket

Die Sorge um das Klima hat am Freitag weltweit 4 Millionen Menschen auf die Straßen getrieben. Allein in Deutschland streikten 1,4 Millionen Menschen unter dem Motto #AllefuersKlima, während gleichzeitig das Klimakabinett seine ...

Solar Quiz

Hätten Sie’s gewußt? 10 Antworten zur Photovoltaik. Wann wurde die Solarzelle erfunden? Wo steht die größte Solarfarm? Und kann ein Flugzeug allein durch Photovoltaik-Module angetrieben werden? Checken Sie Ihr Wissen rund um die ...



Prognose zur Entwicklung der EEG-Umlage 2018 – 2019


Preis-Service-Verhältnis deutscher Stromanbieter 2017


Solar Power Germany Factsheet 2016


95% of German citizens want more renewable energy


Breite Mehrheit für schnellen Ökostrom-Ausbau


Stromerzeugung in Deutschland im 1. Halbjahr 2017


Fossile-Energien-Umage: Die realen Kosten von Kohle- & Atomstrom


Netzentgelte Karte Deutschland


Photovoltaik Zubau 2010-2017


Arbeitsplätze PV


PV Investitionen


Modulpreise pv




Dossier photovoltaik




Photovoltaik Factsheet Deutschland 2016


Kurbeln sinkende Modulpreise die Nachfrage in der Photovoltaik wieder an?


Photovoltaik in Deutschland: Verteilung nach Bundesland


Investitionen und Vergütungssätze in der Photovoltaik




Germany: Wind Power Factsheet 2016


Verteilung der Windenergie im Text


Ausbau der Windenergie 2010 – 2016


Akzeptanz von Kraftwerken in der Nachbarschaft


Entwicklung der Windenergieanlagen 2000 – 2016


Karte Verteilung der Windenergie in Deutschland 2016


Arbeitsplätze in der Windenergie-Branche


Windfactsheet 2016

bücher klimawandel

Aktuelle Bücher über den Klimawandel und erneuerbare Energien

Sonne, Strand und Klimawandel. Das Schöne am Sommerurlaub sind nicht allein die Tage am Meer. Der Sommer ist dazu da, in der Sonne zu faulenzen und zu lesen: Und ganz oben auf dem Stapel der Urlaubslektüre liegen in diesem Jahr neue ...
top books climate change

Top Books on Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Summer holiday is rapidly approaching, so it’s time to stock up on books to take with you on your trip. We’ve put together the top holiday reads to help you choose one of the gems.
Wind Power Germany Factsheet

Germany: Wind Power Factsheet 2015

With 44.947 MW, Germany has the most wind power capacity [: 32%] installed in Europe and was the leader in new installations [: 47%] 2015. Last year 26.772 wind turbines on-and offshore generated 13.3% of the electricity in the ...
acceptance renewable energy

What is the public’s opinion on renewables? Survey results on acceptance worldwide.

Global production of energy from renewable sources has grown over the last 25 years and the rapid expansion is leading to changes not only in the energy system. Public acceptance of renewable energies is fundamental to further ...
wind power germany 2015

Status of Wind Energy in Germany 2015

26,774 wind turbines with a capacity of 449,47 megawatt were in operation in Germany at the end of 2015. Gross additions in 2015 were about 5,818 MW, which means an increase of about 10%. https://strom-report.de/.2n6
CO2, Carbon Footprint Santa

What is Santa’s Carbon Footprint?

Christmas is coming soon and Santa will have to work the hardest day of the year. His 122 million mile trip around the globe will create 69.7 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions. This is a huge carbon footprint. ...
air pollution map world

First global real-time air pollution map online

Plume Labs has launched its World Air Map, a live map of air pollution around the world to show which cities are suffering the most. They can estimate hourly air pollution levels everywhere in the world. App is available for both iOS ...
climate change worries, drought, rising sea level, severe weather,

Global Concern about Climate Change [survey]

The target mark for Paris in December is pretty clear: to achieve a binding contract among all nations, to keep global warming below the critical 2 degrees Celsius of warming. There is a global agreement that climate change is a ...

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment

Global investments in renewable energy skyrocketed in 2014, recording a 17% rise to $270 Billion after two years of declines according to UNEP report 2015.

Countdown to Paris 2015: Climate Pledge Tracker

At the Paris summit in December 2015, 196 countries will meet to sign a new climate change agreement. It can lead to ambitious outcomes that will have a real impact on tackling climate change. Countries all over the world have been ...
The Carbon Story, Climate Change

The Story of Climate Change

Carbon Story – The Great History of Man and Carbon. Human activity is the main cause of climate change. The Global Carbon Project released an interactive story of the human impact on carbon emissions since prehistoric times, with focus ...
coal subsidy phase out

$5.3 Trillion A Year In Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Scientists with the IPCC have spent decades figuring out what is causing global warming and found out that the gas responsible for most of the warming is carbon dioxide . The burning of fossil fuels is responsible for 2/3rd of the ...
CO2 Emissions by Country

Trends in Global Carbon Emissions [CO₂]

In a couple of days representatives of all countries enter into negotiations for a new climate change agreement . At the center of the process is the question how countries can reduce enough emissions to prevent the worst impacts of ...
air pollution europe costs

Europe: Economic cost of deaths and diseases caused by air pollution

Air pollution harms human health and caused 600,000 premature deaths in 2010. As a World Health Organization study reported, this leads to an estimated US$ 1.6 trillion loss, which is equivalent to 10 percent of the European Union’s ...
Tesla Powerwall Facts

Facts about the Tesla Powerwall Battery

It's been a week since Tesla unveiled its Powerwall battery system for homes and businesses. Elon Musk - CEO - mentioned that they already received 38,000 reservations for the home system and 2,500 reservations for the much bigger, ...
Wind energy germany infographic

Germany: Wind Power Factsheet 2014

According to figures from the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), 24,867 wind turbines with a capacity of 38,115 megawatt were in operation in Germany at the end of 2014. The plants generated 51.4 billion kilowatt hours of ...
solar power Germany facts, photovoltaic

Germany: Solar Power Factsheet 2014

About 1.5 million photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of 38 gigawatt (GW) are installed in Germany, ranging from small rooftop systems to large solar parks. In 2014 photovoltaics produced approximately 6.9 percent of Germany’s ...
power plants germany

Germany: A power plant in your neighborhood?

Germans, who would accept a power plant close to their home. According to a 2014 survey conducted by TNS Emnid for the German Renewable Energies Agency among 1015 respondents, 92 percent of the Germans support the enforced expansion of ...

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