What is Santa’s Carbon Footprint?

CO2, Carbon Footprint SantaChristmas is coming soon and Santa will have to work the hardest day of the year.  We’re wondering about Santa’s carbon footprint and would like to share share Ethical Ocean’s infographic of Santa’s mighty carbon footprint.

Ethical Ocean, has calculated that Santa’s 122 million mile trip around the globe will create 69.7 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions.

The CO2 is largely from the production, packaging and disposal of toys and account for 68.1 million tonnes of his emissions. His factory-sized workshop also adds 983,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide to his carbon footprint. Even though Santa traditionally uses reindeers to power his sleigh, this still uses 53,667 metric tonnes of CO2 [equivalent to the amount of methane they produce].

It’s time for Santa to start looking at more sustainable options. After the Paris UN Climate Conference we are counting on everyone’s contribution.

Brenna Donoghue from Ethical Ocean said, „While toys were by far the biggest culprit we would never call on Santa to stop delivering toys. A few of the big changes he can make is utilising solar energy to power the factory and be more aware of the footprint of the toys he produces“.

The advice for Santa can be applied to anyone concerned about their carbon footprint: Opting for greener packaging, buying local whenever possible and investing in energy efficiency. Everyone can help Santa out to make Christmas more environmentally friendly.

What is Santa’s Carbon Footprint?


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