Germany’s Power Generation Mix 2016

Market share of Germany’s gross power generation

New figures available: Gross Power Mix 2017

According to numbers provided by the German AG Energiebilanzen [AGEB e.V.], renewable energy based electricity generation almost reached the 30% mark in 2016. That made Renewables the most important energy source in Germany for three years in a row.

Renewable energy generation rose only slightly last year [+187,4 TWh]. Below average wind and sunshine led to a decline in power production from wind farms and PV installations.

Wind was the leading clean energy source at 12.3%, followed by biomass at 7.9% and solar PV at 5.9%.

Because of falling natural gas prices, power production from gas rose by 26%. Nuclear and coal-fired power production declined slightly in 2016.

Power Generation Germany [2016 Mix]
Energy Sourcebn kWh%
Hard coal110.017.0
Natural gas78.512.1
Wind power79.812.3
Power generation [gross]648100

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