Countdown to Paris 2015: Climate Pledge Tracker

At the Paris summit in December 2015, 196 countries will meet to sign a new climate change agreement. It can lead to ambitious outcomes that will have a real impact on tackling climate change.
Countries all over the world have been sending their pledges to the UN, setting out how far they plan to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Known as intended nationally determined contributions [INDCs], these plans will form the basis of the new international climate change agreement, set to be finalized during the climate summit in Paris [COP 21].

The World Resources Institute [WRI] launched its CAIT Paris Contributions Map, an interactive tool based on the CAIT Climate Data Explorer, for tracking and analyzing these INDCs. A map view in the tool allows to see all countries at a glance, and examine what types of contributions they have put forth, and what sectors and greenhouse gases are covered.

Carbon Brief is summarising the pledges made by each country and update this post as soon as an INDC comes in.

Dear Frank Barth, the INDCs were checked in advance and all parties were invited to access UNFCCC Portal to submit the INDCs. http://unfccc.int/focus/indc_portal/items/8766.php
Frank Barth
Dear Mrs. Holm, how serious are the pledges of the countries. Is there any controlling by the U.N. which confirm these results?
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